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E-Cig Compatibility Guide

So Just Which Cartridges are Compatible With What Electric Cigarette Batteries?

I get a lot of emails asking me about which brands and styles of electric cigarettes are compatible with each other. Can you use a battery from a eSmoke brand  on a cartomizer or atomizer of a Smoke 51 brand ? In this article I will try to outline some of the brands that I know to be compatible. Please feel free to post a comment if I have missed anything or mistaken anything.

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If you know what type of e cigarette battery and cartridges or cartomizers you are trying to match up, you can get an adapter to fit just about any cartridge to any battery. You don’t really have to worry about if it is compatible or not. Just get several of these Universal Electric Cigarette Battery Adapters and you will be covered for to make any ecig compatible with any cartridge: DRAGONFLY UNIVERSAL ADAPTERS MAKE EVERY ECIG CART COMPATIBLE WITH ANY BATTERY

The E-9 Style or Two Piece Design Compatible (KR808D-2)

Limited Time Exclusive Offer. This Deal Is Not On The Green Smoke Website!

Green Smoke Classic Electric Cigarette Starter KitClick here for an EXCLUSIVE OFFER on a Green Smoke Classic Starter Kit at an Amazing Limited Time Price! THE BEST E-9 COMPATIBLE ECIG!

The E-9 style is one of the most popular styles because of it’s ease of use and two piece design. Unlike the three piece ecigarettes that have a separate atomizer, the E-9 style has the atomizer built in to the disposable cartridge. The “E” stands for “electric” and the “9″ refers to the 9mm thread pattern. I would recommend this style to anyone who is new to the world of ecigarettes.

2 Piece Ecig, Electric Cigarettes Compatible with E-8 (KR808D-1) Premium, eSmoke, V2, BullSmoke,  and E-9 (KR808D-2) Green Smoke, Smoke 51, eSmoke

Here are Some Very Reputable Companies That Supply E-9 Electric Cigarettes That Are Compatible With Each other:

Some companies that provide the E-9 style are:

Green Smoke – They sell exclusively the E-9 style and they do it right. In my opinion this is the best company out there. The product is top quality, the customer service is UN-beatable and the free shipping is super fast. They have recently upgraded all of their starter kits as well as lowered their prices substantially. They offer the most inclusive Express Ecig Starter Kit on the market. They also have the very best customer service in the industry hands down and a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If you wanted to get some of your friends or loved ones away from tobacco they have a cool deal on a 6 Pack Of Disposable Electric Cigarettes that come with the awesome tasting Flavormax Cartomizers. If  you like e smoking then you can buy a charger and more cartridges later on.

Smoke 51- DUO – They sell two different styles, one of them is an E-9 compatible style. They call it the Duo because of the two piece design.

E-Cig Brand – They offer many different styles, One of them is the E-9 style. This company probably has the least expensive ecigarettes but you can only order them directly from china. Not a big deal though, I have ordered from them more than a dozen times and I have always gotten the shipment within 5 days.  They offer a E-9 compatible simple starter kit starting at only $8.99 if you are curious about ecigs and want to try them out without spending a lot to begin with. This kit comes with 1 rechargeable battery and two cartomizers. They let you choose between 8 different tip colors and 8 different light colors and around 200 different flavors! You can buy a charger later if you enjoy the ecig.

E-Smoke Brand Sensation Ecig –  E-Smoke brand sells two different styles of electric cigarettes, one of them is an E-9 compatible 9mm style ecig that they call the Sensation. This is fully compatible with all of the above ecig brands and the shipping and customer service is top-notch! I can recommend buying from E-Smoke.net. They have excellent customer service and a LIFETIME warranty.

South Beach Smoke Always offering some really great special. At the moment they are offering a $100 rebate for gas

Bloog Ecigs – Is an E-9 style, I will update when I learn more about this brand.

There are many more companies that sell an E-9 style or compatible ecig, I will continue to update as often as I can.

The E-8 or  8mm Style Compatible Electric Cigarette ( KR808D-1)

The E-8 style electric cigarette is nearly identical to the E-9 model ecigarette except it has a smaller thread pattern and a slightly smaller, lighter weight battery. The E8 or (KR808D-1) compatible electric cigarette has become a lot more popular recently, there a a great deal of companies that sell it now and probably a lot more to come.

Here are a several different brands of E-8 8mm style electric cigarettes which are all compatible with each other and that I can highly recommend:

Premium Electric Cigarettes -  The Premium Electric cigarette is one of the highest quality electric cigarettes on the market, we only endorse the highest quality ecigs. They sell an awesome 8mm E-8 style ecig and all of the coolest accessories that go with ecigs, including a portable charging case, a really neat portable pocket sized starter kit, the coolest unique battery colors, They also sell Electronic Cigars.

E-Cig Brand E-8 Style Electric Cigarette -  E-Cig Brand is the original designer and developer of the ecigarettes with the cartomizer technology. Their E-8 Model is nearly identical to the E-9 Style Electric Cigarette.  E-Cig Brand is the only company in the world that will let you choose the battery color, cartridge color, battery tip color and also the battery light color. They also feature the lowest prices in the world by far and the shipping is surprisingly fast from China, Every time I have ordered it has come in only 5 days.

E-Smoke brand sells an E-8 style electric cigarette that they call the PRO ecig. The E-8 style is exactly like the E-9 except it is just a little smaller in diameter and therefore the battery will hold just a little bit less of a charge. This is why the E-8 style has the optional PCC or personal charging case that you can buy either as part of a starter kit or separately.

Holo G6 Electric Cigarettes - Halo has been known for a while for their superior tasting, original flavors of  E-Juice. Their line of Electric Cigarette starter kits are a fairly new thing though. These G6 Basic Ecig kits come with two G6 batteries which are KR808D-1 compatible, two empty cartomizers, 5 pre-filled cartomizers, one wall charger, one USB charger, a neat little plastic case for carrying your extra cartridges and a really unique metal storage tin. You can choose between 9 different battery colors and 8 excellent flavors. They also have Extra Large E8 compatible cartomizers that hold 50% more E-Liquid.

E-Smoker Online Brand offers their own version of the E-8 generically known around the net as the KR808d-1. This kit comes with everything you need to start and of course they also offer the PCC portable charging case as an extra accessory. This PCC is different than the one offered by E-Smoke.

VaporNine has  a version of the E-8 style electric cigarette that they call the Nebula. They offer a couple of different starter kits including a deluxe kit and an express starter kit. They sell 8 unique flavor cartridges for the Nebula Ecig.

Dragonfly DSE901 This is one of the first e-cigs to come out with a Portable Charging Case. Although the battery shares the same thread pattern as the KR808D-1, it is usually sold as a 3 piece ecig.

Choice 7′s Secondary Kit – They call the Classic. It is a standard DSE-901 model Battery.  They seem to be geared more towards the blu compatible L88b model but they do carry this KR808D-1 compatible battery and some “classic” atomizers.



South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ecig - This is a very high end company. Lifetime warranty and they usually have some kind of cool promo like $100 in free gas.

Bull Smoke Electric Cigarettes – Bull Smoke Sells Another version of the E-8 (KR808D-1) compatible electric cigarette. They use the same manufacturer as V2 Cigs so they are high quality products. They have pretty clever names for all of their packages and starter kits and some really attractive design IMHO. They feature 10 different flavors of ecig cartridges and you get one of each with their City Slicker Starter Kit.

EverSmoke Ecigs -  Another great quality Electric Cigarette. They have a number of well put together E Cigarette Starter Kits, 5 to be exact. All the kits are very reasonably priced and the graphics on their packaging is pretty slick. These are E8 (KR808D-1) compatible electric cigarettes and they have a choice between automatic batteries and manual switch batteries. They 10 flavors of E-8 compatible cartomizers plus a flavor sampler pack, All but the sampler come in either 15, 30 or 45 pack. No 5 packs like everybody else. I really like the Portable Charging Case that they sell with the LED power indicator on the front. It is only for the Min batteries though.

V2 Ecigs I saved the best for last in the E-8 category. The V2 Electric Cigarette is your standard 8mm thread pattern battery that is compatible with all of the above with one amazing accessory that you will find no where else. V2 sells some really awesome universal adapters so you can use  any brand of E-8 style cartridge or cartomizer on just about any Battery!  This is just one of the things that makes V2 E-Cigs an industry leader.

Volt Ecigs – Smokeless Image proved a very wide range of Volt Ecig Products. Every different colored battery in manual and auto with many choices of light colors.  They have  kits starting a under $20. They also carry a cool looking PCC with a clear window and a LCD charge indicator that fits both the small and large batteries. Smokeless Image is also one of the only sites that has cool instructional videos for their products, not just promotional, but instructional.

ion Ecig – is an E-8 electric cigarette

The Mistic E-Cig – has threads on the battery that are compatible with a normal E-8 cartridge and it even works, except the battery pole is a bit too long so it fits tight, almost seems like it is not going to go on and it looks a little funny once it does go on. I tested it with a V2 Cigs Cartridge and it seemed to work just fine. The Mistic E Cig cartridges WILL NOT work on your average newer style KR808D-1 (E-8) compatible battery though. The Mistic Ecig is designed so the air pulls through the center hole of the battery and the cart makes an air tight seal where it meets up with the battery. The newer models of E-8 (KR808D-1) compatible batteries usually have a sealed center hole and vent through the sides of the cartomizer where it meets with the battery. If you can get an old style E-8 battery with a center hole, a Mistic Ecig cartridge would probably work. I personally don’t like the flavors that Mistic offers and I got E-Juice in my mouth after puffing several times off of it. That is something I have come to expect when I re-fill cartomizers, but not when they are new.

So to sum up the Mistic Ecig: You CAN use an E-8 Cartridge / Cartomizer on a Mistic Battery. You CANNOT use Mistic Ecig Cartridge on an ordinary new style E-8 battery. Possibly “fully” compatible with an OLD style E-8 battery that has a center vent hole instead of side vent holes.

The Trio or Three Piece Designs, RN4081

The three piece design is the second most popular design. The difference from the two piece design is that they have a separate atomizer, unlike the duo design which has the atomizer built into the nicotine cartridge.

3 Piece Electric Cigarettes That Are Compatible. Smoke 51, Blu, Luci, Joye 510, SmokeStik, Smoking Everywhere, DSE 103, Safe Cig, Njoy Pro,

Trio Brands That Are Compatible With Each other

These are some of the three piece designs that I know of that will work with each other:

Smoke 51 Trio -  The Smoke 51 Trio is another high quality three piece ecigarette. the starter kit comes with everything you need to start vaping and even includes one extra nicotine cartridge.

Electronic cigarettes by E-Lites – The E-Lite is a British company that has apparently been around for a while but have just recently opened shop in the U.S. It seems this is a fairly popular Ecig over in England. I don’t think the RN4081 battery style caught on very much here though

The Safe Cig This one was difficult to find because they claim to have a proprietary cartridge design, But it turns out it is just a RN4081 battery.

Metro Ecig This is the ecigarette that you probably have seen in every gas station and wal-marts really cheap.

Also the Njoy-Pro, Smoke-Stik and the Smoking Everywhere Ecigs.

The Instead eCig -  Instead is one of the only companies that sell their kits with e-liquid so that you can refill the cartridges. Most of the other companies just want you to buy the pre-filled cartridges.

South Beach Smoke Premium Ecig A superior company selling a slightly inferior ecigarette. This is their old style ecig kit. Seems like it is on it’s way out in favor of the tried and true E8 compatible ecig.

Model 510s and eGo Electric Cigarettes,  DSE103

JOYE 510 pcc Electric Cigarette Starter kit

JOYE 510 pcc Electric Cigarette Starter kit

JOYE eGo PCC Starter Kit

JOYE eGo PCC Starter Kit








I lumped together the 510 and the eGo because they have the same thread pattern on their batteries. Pretty much any cartridge, atomizer or cartomizer for a 510 will fit onto a standard eGo battery. That doesn’t mean that every one will work perfectly, but if you were in a pinch, you could use it.

The really cool thing about the 510s and eGos are the wide variety of cartridges and cartomizers.

There are the normal cartridges that need an atomizer. And there are some variations on even these standard parts. Then there are the cartomizers like the E-9 and E-8 style. Then it starts to get interesting with the T-tanks and the Clearomizers. There seems to be  constantly evolving hardware for these types of ecigs and probably best suits the experienced or dedicated user.

The Dragonfly ecig -  Is one of the top distributors of 510 ecigs and eGo style electric cigarette kits. They have everything you would possibly need for those styles of ecig and constantly have clearance sales. They also sell a universal USB charger that you can use to charge your E-9 (KR808D-1), JOYE 510, DSE 901, and DSE 103 among others.

VaporNine has their very own, nicely packaged 510 style electric cigarette starter kit called the Apex ecig starter kit. However it is on clearance right now so once they run out of stock all they will offer is the Nebula (KR808D-1), an eGo style and the really cool variable voltage SuperNova/MiniNova Ecigs.

E-Smoke Brand Electric Cigarettes Also carries an eGo style electric cigarette kit. They call it the eSmoke Tank Starter Kit, It will fit any cartridge made with the 510 thread pattern.

The Luci Ecig -  Yet another high quality ecig that started as a three piece electric cigarette, now they have all the great cartomizers that you would expect from the 510 series. They offer four different versions of their starter kit, each with different amenities.

These next ones will work well enough with the JOYE 510 and JOYE  306 parts  (L88b)

Choice 7′s – Normally I am not too keen on these L88b compatible  Battery styles, maybe it’s just personal preference. I have to admit that Choice 7′s pulls off this style with some class. They have bundled together some attractive looking kits at some competitive prices. Their Blu Compatible model is called the Micro Kit or the Micro Stealth. I believe they are the only company I have ever seen that has a two pack of cartomizers available and an extra battery for the PCC! They also have an option for a dual colored LED, both red and green.

The Blu Ecigarette -  This ecigarette is a really good ecig but not the best customer service as far as I can tell. If you have a Blu kit then you can get more carts and batteries from Eluma because they are practically identical.

Volcano brand ecig is fully compatible, as well as the Regal e-cig.

Eluma Brand Electric Cigarettes is definitely one of the best companies on-line to purchase a 3 piece electric cigarette kit from. Their kit is very nice looking and this is the only model they sell so they can concentrate on doing this model right. They sell the complete kit that comes with the PCC and they also sell a “Simple Starter Kit” that comes with only the bare essentials. This simple kit would make a good starter kit if you were not sure if you really wanted to go with this style or it would make a perfect gift for any tobacco smoker.

This is an incomplete list, I will work hard to keep researching and testing so that I can find the best information that I can for you. If you see any mistakes, please leave a comment so I can fix it.

Please feel free to download this article as a PDF and share it on your website or blog. The only condition is you MUST NOT change anything, all of the links need to remain in-tact.  You must first register to download:

E-Cig Compatibility Guide 07-26-12 (1927)  May not be current article, check the date in file name.

If you have found this helpful, please give us a shout out on the social networks, the forums, bookmarking sites, blogs or any other place on the internet where you happen to post stuff, a Google+ or Facebook Share would help us a lot and it only takes a second. I have spent a lot of time tracking down this information and it is an ongoing process. The first draft of this was written in Oct. 2010 and I have just updated again with new and corrected information July 3rd 2012.  Hope I could help you figure out what brands and parts your favorite e cigarette is compatible with.


  • Erica Gold said:

    Thanks so much for posting this. Now I know that I can just go to E-Cig to buy cartomizers for my Green Smoke Electric Cigarette.
    Now I save a lot more money than I already was just from quitting tobacco and switching to ecigs in the first place. Although, Green Smoke Has some awesome tasting coffee flavor cartomizers. I will probably always buy the coffee flavor from them.
    I hope that eventually every tobacco smoker will end up switching to ecigarettes, then there will be so much less senseless death from illnesses brought on by using tobacco. Ecigs are perfectly safe, I don’t care that the FDA hasn’t approved them. The FDA is obviously looking out for the best interest of the big tobacco companies and not the consumer. If the FDA really cared about the consumer then they would be endorsing electronic cigarettes.

  • Alonzo Gonzolas said:

    Thanks a lot for posting this info, it is really handy to know which brands are compatible with each other so that I can mix and match parts. I buy my batteries from E-Cig brand because they are pretty much exactly the same as Green Smoke But I always buy my cartomizers from Green Smoke because I find that they are a higher quality than any other brand of E-9′s on the market.

  • Marie Tansey said:

    Do you know of any two or three piece replacements for Dir E-cig brand of electronic cigarette? Thank you for your information. I may hafe to change the Dir Ecig I have.
    Marie Tansey

  • Mike Elzey said:

    Thank you. I figured there had to be some sort of standards. Now I have a clue.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    I have never heard of that brand. If you post a link, I can check it out.

  • Michelle said:

    do you know what ohm ce2 cartomizer I should use for a kr808d-1 xl battery which is 3.7-4.2 volts?

  • Aaron (author) said:

    I believe the Ce2 cartomizers do not have a variety of ohms available.

  • Judi Sharp said:

    Do you know what style the Green Nicotine product uses? It’s a two-piece, so it’s obviously an E-8 or -9. If you don’t know, is there a way you can tell me how I could determine? I would like to order cartridges from another provider so I can obtain flavors, which Green Nicotine does not provide.

  • Dale D. said:

    Recently acquired a Clayton electronic starter kit , is this an e-8 or e-9 , have found other brands in this area including ” Mystic ” is clayton compatible with anything ? Thank You

  • Dan said:

    Does anyone know what batteries or cartomizers interchange with the brand “Elitensmoke”. Thanks.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    These are neither E-9 nor E-8. they look like they may be compatible with Dragonfly-Ecigs which is a Joye 510.

  • Sam said:

    Hi guys. Im looking for an alternative cartomizer for my safe cig. Does anyone know if the ce2 or ce3 cartridges can be used on my SAFE CIG?? Im soo not happy with the original cartos safe cig came with. Please Help

  • Aaron (author) said:

    The thread pattern looks a lot like the Dragonfly Joye 510 model. I would buy a basic Dragonfly brand kit. If it fits your safe cig batteries, then you will have extra batteries. If it doesn’t fit, then you will still have a great kit.
    I can highly recommend the Dragonfly Joye 510 Clearomizers! They are some of the best cartomizers that I have ever used.

  • Genevieve said:

    If these compatibilities are accurate, then the SmokeFree e-cigarettes should be compatible with the other “trio” batteries/cartridges as well… SmokeFree charges $50 per replacement battery and atomizer (i tend to lose things) so I’m trying the “Blu” battery since it is only $13… will let you guys know if it works with SmokeFree and FiftyOne (which the two are compatible cartridge/cartomizer wise)…

  • rose said:

    help I have a three piece system called the blue lagoon from e smokeshop.ca
    what cartridges are compatible as they do not carry flavours we like and we were told originally they were refillable now told they aren’t thanks

  • Aaron (author) said:

    Hi rose, This is an OLD style ecig, it appears to be compatible with the old blu ecigs. I cannot recommend anything for this style battery. I can recommend upgrading to a different style. check out: http://dragonfly-ecigs.com they have a few different styles with a lot of really cool options for refillable cartridges.

  • ecigs said:


    E-Cig Compatibility Guide | Electronic Cigarettes…

  • don eppinette said:

    i recently purchased a trial offer from regal cigs. seems to be a quality product, but kinda pricey. i would like to know what cartridge is compatible with the regal charger. it’s a two piece but i don’t know what mm. could you please advise . thanks DON

  • Aaron (author) said:

    Hello Don,
    Regal Ecig batteries are compatible with Eluma Cigs: http://electronicecig.com/s/eluma/variety/pack/cartomizers/

  • JoeAtWork7 said:

    I started using a mistic e-cig recently, they began selling them at walmart for decent prices ($14) for 5 cartomizers, and $15 for the starter kit with the charger. Walmart makes it a pretty convenient way to get them as I need them…

    Their site: http://www.misticecigs.com/

    After looking at your site, I believe those are probably the 9mm long batteries.

    The question is, I wanted to but the E-smoke PCC and maybe periodically purchase their cartomizers…but will they be compatible with the Mistics?

    Also, if I decide to switch to the pro or 8mm e-cigs, what will the difference be on my battery charge? My current batteries last 5-8 hours, typically…


  • julia said:

    I bought this from jasper and jasper and first of all Delivery was extremly fast and the package was secure which was nice.The E-Cigarette is fantastic value the throat hit is just like a real cigarette in fact it looks and feels just like a cigarette and the vaopr is truly outstanding. This is to all my family and friends i am very happy thank you jasper and jasper.

  • JoeAtWork7 said:

    Aaron, that is AWESOME news…means I can continue to by the cartamizers at Walmart and get the stuff I want from esmoke.

    Although, I think I’ll try out esmokes cartomizers first…a word to those who want the Walmart Mistics…I’ve noticed the cartridges are not consistent…some have less flavor, some are smoked out in half the time. I hope this doesn’t hold true to esmoke…I have to budget, so for me, they should last the same amount of time regardless…

    Anyway, thanks Aaron!

  • Aaron (author) said:

    I am trying to expand this list as much as I can. I am really glad that you appreciate it, it took a lot of research. If your carts are smoking out too quickly, my suggestion would be to get some good e-liquid and refill them a few times to make your dollar stretch.
    This is a great place to get sample packs of E-Juice: 10ml Sample Pack. You can get up to 20 different flavors for $16 and up to 160 flavors for $119 with free shipping.

    Check out this cool video on how to re-fill cartomizers very easily I actually just did it tonite with a V2 cartomizer that had run out and I was amazed at the difference in the amount of vapor production.

  • JoeAtWork7 said:

    Aaron, Just to follow up for future visitors…

    The Mistic, although apparently the same battery type uses a different (larger) threading than the esmoke sensation.

    Having said that and having tried the esmoke version…it’s definitely worth it. My only complaint is that the PCC doesn’t fit the longs.

    As for smoke comparison, much more from the esmoke sensation….the taste is far superior…and more nicotine is available. I wish wal-mart had chosen the esmoke versions instead of some generic brand that apparently no one has heard of.

    The mistics are good to try it out, see if you like them…but overall I’ve noticed a lot of their packages are under filled by half…and some lack flavor periodically…

    Man, I’m loving esmoke!

  • Aaron (author) said:

    Thanks a lot for your insights Joe! I hope this helps someone else out. Does anybody know what battery type the mistic ecig is? After a bunch of research and talking to lots of people, I was lead to believe that the mistic was a E-9 battery, maybe not. Hopefully someone can confirm this.

  • Formernewportsmoker said:

    I have a metro 2-piece any ideas?

  • Aaron (author) said:

    I believe the Metro is a RN4081 battery type. Compatible with Smoke 51 Trio, The Safe Cig, Njoy-Pro, Smoke-Stik, Smoking Everywhere, The Instead eCig and South Beach Smoke Premium Ecig.

  • Formernewportsmoker said:

    Despite being a two-piece? Interesting I shall try that.

  • Duane said:

    Hey you may have answered this already, but since you seem to know and I couldn’t find it, is it possible to refill premium brand cartridges? Also, I didn’t see a review for Cig2O by Spark industries. is just a lousy brand, or just not around to it? are there refillable cartridges I can get for it? and where? sorry bout all the questions, been stuck in the mud on this one, can’t find an answer anywhere.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    I’m always happy to help Duane, in any way I can. That is why I am here.
    Yes you can refill Premium Brand Cartomizers. Have a look at this: http://electronicecig.com/2010/05/the-easiest-way-to-re-fill-ecigarette-cartomizers/
    And this: http://electronicecig.com/2012/06/re-fill-cartomizers/
    The Cig20 is an E-8 compatible ecig. I will be reviewing at some point.
    You can get empty E8 Cartomizers Here: http://e9ecig.com/s/emptye8/
    I can highly recommend getting a sample package of E-liquid to re-fill them: http://e9ecig.com/s/eliquid/8ml/sample/box/
    There are around 200 flavors to choose from so you can get a really good idea of what you like and then buy in bulk to save money: http://e9ecig.com/s/eliquid/1000ml/bottle/ I think they sell up to 20 liter bottles.
    You could also get prefilled sample cartridges too: http://e9ecig.com/s/e8/prefilled/sample/cartridges/
    The shipping time from china is surprisingly fast. I have gotten all of my orders within 5 days.

    Sorry about all the links, If you found this helpful at all, please try to give us a shout out on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or any of the other social or web 2.0 type sites, or forums or any other site that you happen to post stuff on, that would help us out a lot.

  • Rose said:

    Do you happen to know what type of battery the E-lite G9 (UK) is? looking for a cheaper cartomizers, thanks.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    From what I have been able to gather Rose, from a fairly exhaustive search is that the E-lite G9 battery is compatible with a JOYE 510 cartomizer. If this is the case then you have a great deal of options for a really cool variety of carts, I really like the Ce2 cartomizers. They also seem to be compatible with Blu, Njoy Pro, Smoking Everywhere and Volcano.
    I hope this helps. If it does please try to give us a shout out to your friends and let people know on the social networks like Facebook, Google+ Twitter, MySpace, Stumbleupon or any other forum, blog or website that you happen to post on. It would really help us a lot.

  • Rose said:

    Wow, thanks Aaron, I will check these out and let you know what I find:)
    Thanks very much. Rose

  • Aaron (author) said:

    I spent many hours scouring the web for a definitive answer to the Mistic Ecig Compatibility thing. Everything I found pointed to saying it was an E-9 (KR808D-2) battery. Finally I went out and bought one so I could see for sure what it is. It turns out the battery has threads that will work with an E-8 (KR808D-1) battery. It fits on there a little funny but it does work and an E-8 charger WILL charge a Mistic battery. You CANNOT however, use a Mistic cartomizer on a new style E-8 battery.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    I did more research on this Blue Lagoon Electric Cigarette from Esmokeshop.ca and it is a DSE901 which is compatible with the E8 (KR808D-1) Cartridges. There are plenty of flavors available for that one and you can ditch the seperate atomizer.

  • jeanbean said:

    hello, just bought green smoke cartridges but need a adapter for a metro battery can anyone help,

  • Aaron (author) said:

    YES! Go Here: http://electronicecig.com/s/dragonfly/universal/battery/adapters/
    I have been led to believe that a Metro Battery is compatible with the 510 threading, I cannot be sure about this. Green Smoke is E9/KR808D-2.
    I think what you need is the 510/ego to 808/901 adapter. You will need to check with them. The 510 may not be compatible with Metro and I am unsure if the 808 refers to 808D-1 or 808D-2, D-1 won’t help you, you need D-2 Make sure you tell them what you have and they will be able to help you.
    Let us know how you make out. I have been getting conflicting reports recently which has made my job difficult.

  • jeanbean said:

    thank you I will find out and get back to you, jb

  • Wendy said:

    I bought e-cigarette and i want to know if I can find cheaper prices for them.
    I bought in tx at a mall and they are calling them smoke to live. Thier website is not very help full and it is not selling what I bought in the store for example i have a pink battery. The other reason is that I dont live in tx and their shipping is crazy. Thank you hope you can help.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    Ya that is a terrible web-store. They are selling two different types of ecigs and they don’t explain the differences. Their gold kit looks like it might be a 510 compatible. But the charging case they show is for a KR808D-1. Since you live in Texas, I have the perfect online store for you. They are based in TX.


    They have some of the best styles of ecigs available. Many variations to choose, from cheaper lower end starter stuff, to super high tech advanced mods. I just got some awesome clearomizers from them yesterday.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    LOL, I read the question wrong :) You DON’T live in TX. Dragonfly has very reasonable shipping costs, but if you want the best prices This company just opened a U.S. distribution and retail location. http://justecigs.info They sell the most popular varieties and all the mods and extra parts you would ever need. Their shipping prices used to be a little too much, now they are reasonable, standard shipping fees. Definitely the best prices anywhere.

  • Darren said:

    Which cartomisers are compatable with the E-lites new G9 e-cigarette battery ?

  • M said:

    Hi all,
    Can anyone tell me that how can i use south beach battery with zerocig catridges. I’ve been buying some adapters to convert but no luck.


  • Aaron (author) said:

    Hi M,
    Sorry I took so long to reply. If the South Beach Smoke Battery doesn’t fit the ZeroCig Carts, then ZeroCig must be an E-9. Does it seem like the carts almost want to screw on but the battery threading is just a little too big? Or is it one of the old SBS ecigs? The 3 piece Premium style ecig? Finding an adapter that goes from a KR808D-1 battery to a KR808D-2 Cart is pretty difficult it seems. V2 Cigs has some adapters here: but it is a E9 battery to E8 Cart and L88B battery to E8 cart. Not quite what you need. The only place I have come across that may be able to help is Dragonfly Ecigs, They have an abundance of ecig cartridge and battery adapters but it does not specify on their website if they are KR808D-1 or KR808D-2. But I think that is your best bet. Just tell them have a KR808D-1 Battery and a KR808D-2 Cartridge.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    The E-Lite Battery is a model 4081 which is compatible with: Cloud9 Njoy-Pro, Safe Cig, Smoke 51 Trio, Smoke Stik, Smoking Everywhere Gold, DSE-103 and Liberation Jr. In my opinion, the 4081 battery isn’t worth the trouble. It seems to have a pretty bad reputation for being linked to companies with very poor customer service on top of the inferior product. I would go with either a KR808 style or some kind of eGo style which has 510 threading so there are lots of options for cartridges and cartomizers.

  • Brian said:

    do you know what size/style the smoke frii ecig is? it’s a two piece. i’d like to know my options for new cartomizers. thank you

  • Aaron (author) said:

    You read my mind Brian, Frii was the next one on my list to tackle. At the moment I feel fairly confident that the Frii E-Cig is a E-9 compatible judging from the length of the thread stem. You can test this out without spending a fortune on name brand carts. One of my favorite Chinese manufacturers just opened a distribution center in the U.S. so the shipping prices are normal now which lowered the total costs substantially. You can get a pack of each: 1-5 pack of E-8 and 1-4 pack of E-9 cartomizers delivered for around $15. You would save about $1 if you got empty ones.

  • Peter5 said:

    I’ve found a DSE103 adapter doesn’t fit an E-lite G9 battery. Could it be the old E-lites (E60, Exec, Duo & E-Pro 3) were 4081 but the new ones using the new E-lite G9 battery (E40, E200, Duo3, E-Pro 4) are of a different type? The new type was launched a year ago.

    Thank you for this site’s excellent guide to the different types of e-cigs. I’d waded through a lot of unclear sites and forum posts before finding this and it was a breath of fresh air; really, really clear!

  • jenna said:

    so we just bought a metro 2 pice ecig and i cant stan the flavor is my battery compatible whith any flavored cartriges

  • Aaron (author) said:

    Hi Jenna,
    Sorry about the delay, Nasty computer issues. Your question prompted me to go out a buy a small Metro Kit since they sell them right down the street.
    The Metro Battery is a RN4081 compatible with Smoke Stik, Smoke 51 Trio, Premium Ecigs is having a clearance on compatible cartomizers right now, and others.

    To have pretty much unlimited choices for cartomizers, I bought a thread adapter that you can get from these places: Premium Ecigs, V2 Ecigs, E-Cig Brand. I have been using the 808 Clearomizers which are just plain awesome!

  • janis extine said:

    Will my mistic battery charger fit a V2 battery? Sorry if I missed this answer …

  • Aaron (author) said:

    No, the V2 battery will not charge in a Mistic battery charger. The threaded socket is too deep so the V2 battery does make a connection with the center post. A Mistic battery will fit in a V2 charger but, you always need to use caution when mixing batteries and chargers. There is always a chance you could ruin your batteries using the wrong charger.

  • Gabriel @ Cheap E Cig Starter Kits said:

    It’s REALLY nice to see an actual post containing kr808-d compatibility. I’ve looked around and haven’t found much in the way of such. On my site, I write a lot about kr808 compatible products and are always hunting for more. I’m personally a Cig2o fan ;) Thanks for providing some quality information. (For example I didn’t know that Bullsmoke was V2 manufactured)

    - Gabe

  • icebear said:


    could you please tell me what, if any cartridges fit with American Blue tip?

    thanks so much.

  • Carol-Anne Hallam said:

    I’ve read through your information ( which is excellent and helpful, no idea there are now so many brands out there ), and I may have missed it, but I did not see anything about The Fuma brand. They are 2 piece throw away flavor cartridge-type I personally prefer as they are not messy and don’t leak like the reliable E-cig 510s I also have. however the Fuma needs recharging far more frequently. Is there a battery cartridge with longer charge time / life span that is compatible with Fuma? I like the menthol flavor and have a ton of refills, but am disappointed with the batteries.

    Thanks so much,

  • Kyle said:

    Hey i just purchased a lotus E cig and was wondering if anyone knows what cartridges are compatible with it. Any help/response would be greatly appreciated.

  • Amber said:

    Hi. I recently bought a mistic starter kit and I was wondering if the vapage or cig2.0 cartomizers were compatable?

  • Kristina said:

    Hi I went on your advice that the joye 510 and ego batteries are the same, but i’m finding there not. I just bought a ego ce5 for my joye510 battery and i noticed the threads are different. I even found an adapter for the 510 so it will accept the ego ce5. Did i read your info wrong? Thanks Kristina

  • Kristina said:

    ah ha now i found that there are inner threads on the ego ce series that connect to the 510, you just cant see them. the outer threads on the ce series connect to the bigger round ego batteries. so i guess it will look a bit funny till i get a bigger round ego battery.

  • Steve said:

    I have a bunch of green smoke cartomizers and V2 batteries. Can someone tell me what adapter I need to make them work together? I really appreciate the help.

  • aa79912 said:

    I have a victory e cig kit love it… Was not sure about the interchanging of cartridges .. What brand cartridges can I buy that fit it besides buying from victory … I was wondering what size mm threads and if the Blu e cig flavored cartridges fit on it also
    Thanks for any info!

  • dean perdue said:

    Hello. Do you know what the threading on the Krave battery is? I have searched and search and can not find an answer.
    thanks for any info you can provide.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    The Krave Electric Cigarette is an E-9 Style KR808-D2. I actually use a Krave battery with my V2 Electric Cigarette Kits using one of the cool adapters that they sell so you can use an E-9 battery with an E-8 cartomizer

  • Aaron (author) said:

    There are a number of companies that manufacture eGo style batteries. Some of them may have different threads. Like the Premium brand eGo may have a different thread pattern than the JOYETECH version.

  • Kev said:

    I’ve got one of these (ecigsbrand.com) two peice jobbies, I’m fairly happy with it. I’m not happy with the price of replacement carts though. Can you help with a model no. for empty carts or even a site with cheaper pre filled replacements.
    I would be extremely grateful.
    I apologise if this has already been asked about, but couldn’t see anyone asking about it.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    I am only guessing but it looks like the ecigsbrand batteries are the same as Metro brand. I see the Metro brand at a lot of gas stations and convenience stores around town. I did not like the flavors or the vapor production of Metro. V2 Sells a set of Universal Adapters that will make this battery work with E-8 Cartomizers. That is what I would recommend.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    You can use the Vapage and Cig2.0 Cartridges with a Mistic battery but you cannot use Mistic cartomizers on a standard E-8 battery.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    Not sure, this looks like an E-8 battery. I would maybe try a PCC. V2 Sells an awesome PCC that can charge your batteries about 8 times before it needs to be recharged. It can also charge about any portable electronic device if you need it to.

  • Mark said:

    I think you have the GreenSmoke and Mistic confused: I have both and the Mistic carto fit very loose on the GreenSmoke battery and do not work, because of the tread been longer as you said; and the GreenSmoke carto do not fit at all on the Mistic battery, because the carto tread is too small. So it cannot be that the GreenSmoke is 9mm and the Mistic 8mm, but the other way around.

  • Matt@picutres said:

    Hey there, You have done an incredible job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from
    this website.

  • Corey said:

    Hello, I just bought a new e cigarette tonight and can’t find a brand name anywhere. Scary huh, haha. It’s in a plain white box and says e-cigarette on it with create healthy life under that. It also has a little yellow crown looking design on it too….. Any ideas ??? It’s a three piecer if that helps. I’ve tried to look it up and I’m thinking it’s a double pole …. Maybe. Anyways what cartridges would work with it ??? Thanks a bunch !!!

  • Mark said:

    I actually found the threads specification so you can correct your wrong deduction that E-8 means 8mm and E-9 means 9mm.
    Here they are:

    Thread Spec Barrel Size Thread Pitch Battery Gender Other Names

    401 7 mm .5 mm male 402, 403

    510 7 mm .5 mm female KR808-A, KR808-B, L88B

    801 9 mm .75 mm male Penstyle, BE112, DSE801, E11, Joye302, Joye304, KR108, M201, RN112

    901 8 mm .75 mm male DSE901, DSE508, DSE568, KR808-D, KR808-D1, RN4075

    4081 8 mm .75 mm female DSE103, RN4081

    E9 7.5 mm .75 mm male KR808-D2, V0

  • Jay said:

    Can anyone help, what refill cartridges do 10 motives v2 batteries take?

  • thetrooper said:

    I use the EPUFFER brand of electronic cigarettes. What electronic cigarette companies are compatible with the EPUFFER batteries?

  • Kyle said:

    Do green smart living cartridges fit a premium blu e cig??? Please answer I know from experience that the premium blue cartridges fit the green smart living battery and works.

  • just wondering said:

    What models are starfire and one80?

  • salantro loaf said:

    the safecig micro is one I have and someone told me it was a 510 battery! So if anyone was wondering… yes, you -can- attach your vivi nova to the battery LOL

  • scott said:

    i have a victory ecig what type might it be thank you much.

  • Aaron (author) said:

    Thanks so much for the info. I use V2 carts on my Mistic battery all the time. Haven’t tried a GreenSmoke Cart.

  • Dave said:

    Hi, I was given a “smoke to live” starter kit and I’d relly like to start dripping and stuff but I’ve look all over and I can’t find what my battery is compatible with. Any ideas? It’s a 2 piece and I have a charger and all that so I’d like to still use this battery. I’m stuck and I don’t want to buy the wrong size dripper. Thanks, Dave

  • Stan Sokol said:

    Do not EVER buy anything from Victory E Cigarettes. The customer service is run by the Three Stooges. Victory will debit your credit account then take days to ship. Waiting times for phone customer service can be over an hour, and they respond to email when they get around to it. Victory’s “membership” plans are probably illegal because you can only cancel with 30 days notice, meaning they suck an extra month fee from you when you want to cancel.

  • Aaliyah said:

    Hi I was wondering if you could tell me what cartridges are compatible with a lummiere e-civarette? Thank you in advance :)

  • kimber59 said:

    I have the old (original) SafeCig batteries and starter kit. I have the new style SafeCig batteries and charger, too. They are very long, over 3+ inches.

    I also have both the original Blu batteries and starter kit, and recently I purchased 2 of the new Premium 100 Blu batteries with a USB charger only. All of these 4 different styles of batteries work as far as I know.

    Safe Cig seems to have gone out of business, and I haven’t ordered from them in months.

    I was looking for a cartridge (filled) that would fit either the Safe Cig batteries, or my new Premium 100 Blu batteries. I admit I got confused, but did order some cartridges from Eluma after reading this. I hope they will fit something, even if I have to purchase an adapter kit. I am very happy with the batteries I have, and now want a filled cartridge with good, long lasting flavor that comes in a higher nicotine level than the Blu refills. Sorry this is so long, but can you clear any of this up for me? I thank you in advance for your response.

  • kimber59 said:

    PS: All my batteries are the 2 part system. LOL. Thanks!

  • Ursala said:

    I just started to vape with a Premium starter kit. I can’t get enough vapor to satisfy the craving & half-way through the cart, I tastes burnt up & I have to trash it. I thought about switching to a manual battery. Would this help? How can I get longer battery life, more vapor per drag & consistent flavor? I don’t mind putting it together. And I have the longer battery already. Please help.

  • carl said:

    Regarding mystic they have gone out of business so I assume at this point any you find will be stale also an fyi do not waste money buying the Fin kits you may find them at Costco they have a similar thread to the small blu but its not compatible and the Fins do not last long at all I got maybe a few hours from each cartomizer at best and the battery does stay charged long either.

  • Patty said:

    Can you tell me what type of battery the Envy Nirvana is? I can’t seem to find the info anywhere. I love the small size of it, but there’s probably some better tasting cartridges out there…

  • Susan nottingham said:

    Does anyone no where I can order cartomizers that fit v2 cigs. I like their pricing, but very limited on flavored. Vapor4life will fit I know but they only offer 5 packs unlike v2 reducing price if you order bulk. Tanks for any advice

  • Yvonne said:

    I have a bunch of mistic ecig batteries and chargers – I am looking for compatible carts , I could gets carts and refill them easily- but they don’t sell the locally anymore. All the info is a bit confusing.

    I also have a kit for Metro and NJOY- I don’t like them because they have vents on the side and seem like I am sucking air.

    Any suggestions.

  • John said:

    Thanks for the information. I purchased an original Blu ecig starter kit and am disappointed with the short battery life and vapor production. I have 40 flavor cartridges on the way ( ordered on line ) and am finding it hard to cross refrence the Blu cartridges to a better battery set up. I have read that the White Cloud brand which is available here produces great vapor volume and has a fine battery….Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated….John

  • devauto said:

    Hi, I’m trying to find out what adapter I need to put a smoketip Carto on a purecig battery. Can you help?

    Awesome thread!

  • DarthVapor said:

    Greabrandst info here! I recently bought the Blu starter kit and of course have lost one of tje batteries already! What /sizes & brands are compatible with Blu? Im not about to pay anoth $70 for n entire kit, if nothing is compatible, best.alternative? Thanks in advance!

  • Trisha said:

    I bought my e cig from advanced electronic cigarettes but the brand is vapor company…has any one ever heard of this? I love them but they’re only at that one store in Lake Zurich IL and I need something either compatable or more accessible ….HELP :)

  • Rachel said:

    Hi! Any idea if the Lotus cartomizers can be switched out and another brand be used, like Blu? Thanks!

  • Robyn said:

    I have the 7′s charger I smoke the 7′s but now I have tried the BLU’s disposable which I like better than the 7′s. My question is will my usb charger that I have for the 7′s work for the BLU’s Charger?

  • Fred Asparagus said:

    Anyone know about interchangeability of Fuma cartridges? Fuma doesn’t make nicotine free cartridges, which is what I’d like to switch to. I know Blu sells nicotine free cartridges, but don’t know if they are compatible…

  • lakes said:

    Hi. I bought some E-Cig brand E8 carts, thinking they would be compatible with my v2 battery (due to the advice given in this article). Unfortunately they are not. The E8 carts are significantly thinner than the v2 shorty battery – so I’m wondering if the v2 is in fact an E9?

    E-Cig.com are showing ‘out of stock’ on their E8 batteries.

    The v2 website also states their adapters are for different batteries for use with their carts, not the other way round.. so I’m stuck with a bunch of e-cig brand e8 carts I cannot use with my v2 battery.

    Can anyone reccommend a battery that will work with these e-gic.com branded carts please? I could rely on the info above, but would like confirmation as either the information is incorrect or I have grossly misunderstood something.


  • Amunaka said:

    Well thank you so much for this info..you’ve saved this newbi from so much confusion best of all money…kudos

  • Aaron (author) said:

    Hi Richard,
    I’m not sure what could have gone wrong, but i own a several V2 kits and batteries and they fit perfectly wit the E-Cig Brand E8 style electric cigarettes. They also fit fine with: South Beach Smoke Deluxe E-Cig Kit, The Smokeless Image Electric Cigarette, Bull Ecigs, Premium Electric Cigarettes as well as others.

  • Tom said:

    Looking for compatible cartridges for the MY SMOKELESS brand of e-cigs being sold in malls all across the Midwest and possibly other places. Their cost of $20.00 per pack of 5 filters is a little high and would like to find a less expensive, but still a tasty, alternative.


    Tom in the Midwest

  • Aaron (author) said:

    Hi Tom,
    I am pretty sure these are KR808D-1. I would try V2 Cigs or Premium Ecigs or Bull Smoke All of which are great companies who offer some unique flavors.
    Let me know if those cartridges work so we can update the readers.

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